Art In Public Places

The City of Fort Collins has a wonderful Art in Public Places Program. I have painted murals on electric transformer cabinets for APP’s Art in the Alleys Program. It is a triple win situation:

  1. taggers tend to leave painted cabinets alone, saving the City thousands annually in cleanup expenses

  2. the once drab alleys become open air art galleries for the public to enjoy

  3. the artist gets exposure and a set fee based on surface area painted as well as interaction with families and children who have the opportunity to view the mural stages from beginning to completion



Transformer cabinet: "Sounds and Music"
Location: The new Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, 408 Mason Court, Fort Collins, Colorado


Transformer Cabinet: "Expect the Unexpected"
Location: Edge of City Park -Jackson and Magnolia, Fort Collins, Colorado
Size: 44 inches high x 73 inches wide x 73 inches deep


Pianos About Town: "Night Illuminations"
Location: Last seen inside the Mitchell Building, Old Town area of Fort Collins, Colorado


Transformer Cabinet: "Celebrating the Seasons of the Wild and Scenic Cache La Poudre River"
Location: US Bank Parking Lot at Howes and Magnolia, Fort Collins, Colorado

Cabinet Details



Transformer Cabinets: "The Ultimate Transformers" and "Instars"
Location: Alley east of College Avenue between Laurel and Myrtle, Fort Collins, Colorado



   An instar is a stage in the life of an insect between two successive molts.

   The first instar of the Tiger Swallowtail butterfly looks like bird poop which helps protect it from being eaten.



The Ultimate Transformers



Transformer photos by Dan Bihn